The Ultimate Body Shaping Device

Endosphères therapy is the revolutionising mix between beauty and health.
This new treatment is based on compressive Microvibration, that uses patented
spheres, which rotate at variable frequencies depending on the area being treated.
This therapy encourages the stimulation of the muscle contractions and increases
blood circulation, giving an instant lifting and firming effect on loose skin.
Compressive Microvibration technology can repair, smooth, tone, redefine,
reshape and improve circulation around the body. The Microvibration/
Endospheres Therapy is a treatment that allows the reactivation of blood
circulation and therefore it improves the skin tone and cellular oxygenation.
Endospheres Therapy, guarantees extraordinary results in a few sessions.
Endosphères Therapy was devised after ten years of research by the Bio
medical technologies institute in Italy - it was originally pioneered for
rehabilitation. This impressive machine has many benefits some of which are:

• Draining effect that reduces stagnating liquids and eliminates toxic substances
• Analgesic effect which relieves inflammation and decreases tissue tenderness
• Vascularising effect increases oxygenation that has an anti-aging effect  
• Reshaping effect removes skin imperfections  
• Toning effect which firms, strengthens and tones the muscle base

This is a safe and non-invasive treatment and the effects can be seen after just
one treatment, a course of treatments is recommended. The contour of the legs,
arms and stomach are smoother and more defined and there is a significant
reduction in the appearance of cellulite after a few treatments.
Endosphere gently applies pressure and vibration to the targeted tissue leaving
the area firm and lifted. Endosphères unique method creates a new era in the
health and beauty industry, producing phenomenal results. It combats the
stubborn “orange peel” skin effect by simply separating of the adipocytes that
are responsible for the fibrous tissue that cause the “orange peel” skin effect.

Nina Scannella from the Body and Beauty Studio first saw the treatment
at the Cosmaprof show in Bologna Italy. With over twenty-five years of
experience in the beauty industry she says “I have never seen a treatment
like Endosphères that works so effectively on my client’s individual needs”.
The benefits are endless from smoothing wrinkles to easing sport injuries the
experienced staff at the Body and Beauty Studio can create a specific package
tailor made to your requirements.  
Endosphères Therapy is now available at the Body and Beauty Studio.
You can choose between cellulite treatments, body recontouring or facial
toning. To book a consultation please ring the Salon on 01483 773113.

No Surgery • No Needles • No pain

Call today to book your treatment on: 01483 773113 / 01483 773127