No more smudging, no more struggling to get your waterproof mascara off.

The MYscara product is a safe and eye friendly lash coating. It is applied professionally and cannot be purchased for home use. It has a similar effect to traditional mascara but lasts weeks. It won’t smudge or budge no matter how much you get them wet. It is aimed at natural lashes but can also be used with semi permanent lashes if applied during the procedure.

The MYscara product itself is a blend of powdered thickening fibres, rubber toughened cyanoacryalate and extra black pigment. The fibres also make the product 100% waterproof. It is the only pre blended product in the UK market. The ingredients are tested on humans and safe for use on humans.

Last 2 to 3 weeks. Applied to the natural lash. Also great on the lower lashes for wearers of eyelash extensions and after LVL.

Eyelash Treatment – Myscara