Nouveau Extend

Full and layered look


Half set of Lashes


Maintenance treatment

60 mins         £40

Mini-Maintenance treatment

30 mins         £20


NEW Nouveau SVS Lashes

Volume Lashes • Soft and Full Look


Half set of Lashes


Maintenance treatment


60 mins         £45

Mini-Maintenance treatment

30 mins         £25


Nouveau Express Lashes

Full set of lashes in less than an hour with thicker lashes used.



Cluster Lashes

Choice of thicknesses available.



Nouveau Strip Lashes

Strip Lashes


Strip Lashes Plus Application



Please ensure all make-up is removed prior to your arrival at the salon as this will maximise the treatment time.

Thick luscious lashes that need no mascara and very little maintenance. Nouveau semi-permanent lashes are extremely hardy and are able to stand up to everyday living including exercise, swimming, sweating and showering. They will last 6 to 8 weeks with maintenance recommended every 2-3 weeks.

After your treatment you will be given an aftercare leaflet to help remind you of these points so you can enjoy your lashes as long as possible.

What you can expect from your eyelash extensions treatment

1) Lashes will feel extremely comfortable and weightless.  They will not cause the natural lash to fall out.

2) A well applied set of lashes will enhance your features and eye shape whether you are after a natural look or a more dramatic look.  Your eyes will look more defined and your lashes will appear darker so you should not need to wear mascara.

3) A set of Eyelash Extensions can last for months with regular maintenance to remove loose lashes and to fill in any gaps.  Your expertly applied lashes will not have a build up of glue between lashes which is a common problem with poorly applied lashes.  A top up takes up to 1 hour to allow sufficient time to make the lashes look like new.


To ensure your Nouveau Lashes are long lasting and stay beautiful proper care and maintenance are required.

1.    For the first two hours after Nouveau Lashes treatment do not allow water to contact the lashes.

2.    For two days after Nouveau Lashes treatment do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water.

3.    Do not use waterproof mascara or oily makeup remover as this will affect the bonding of Nouveau Lashes. 

4.    Do not perm Nouveau Lashes.

5.    Do not use a lash curler, as it will break both the Nouveau Lashes and natural lashes.

6.    Do not rub eyes or Nouveau Lashes when washing face, always pat lashes dry after cleansing.

7.    An occasional short visit to the sauna is fine. However going on a daily basis may cause earlier maintenance as the lashes could prematurely fall off or tilt in a different direction from your natural lash.

8.    Do not attempt to remove the lashes yourself.  Book in to have them professionally removed.