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Full set of French • pink and white acrylic

90 minutes        £40

Full set of Acrylic tips • natural

90 minutes        £40

White Tip and Overlay

60 minutes       £35

Natural Nail Overlay

45 minutes       £30


French pink and white

75 minutes       £35


45 minutes       £30

Individual tip/sculpture/repair

10 minutes         £6

Soak off, tidy, express manicure

60 minutes        £25


The Body and Beauty Studio uses Creative Nail Design products for flawless nails and lasting beauty.

CND's award winning liquid and powder systems help you create wearable, durable, beautiful nails that meet the needs of EVERY client.

There are several ways of creating a beautiful set of acrylic nails. It can depend on the look you want to achieve and how long you would like the acrylic on for.

Acrylic nails require regular maintenance every 2½ to 3 weeks. Careful application means there is no use of drills.