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Gernetic Body Treatments

GERnétic originated in France by Bio Chemist Albert Laporte. Using Bio technology he was able to extract ingredients at a cellular level that have a powerful healing and regenerating effect on the skin. Each product has been clinically tested and consistently provides outstanding results.

GERnétic offers innovative skincare beauty products for all skin types for the face, hands, bust and body. GERnétic harnesses the power of nature and science to create ground-breaking formulations that genuinely transform your skin. A scientifically natural approach is at the heart of every GERnétic product.

The Research

GERnétic is built on solid scientific research into cellular therapy, biology and gerontology – the study of the ageing process. M. Laporte pioneered research in the use of amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins and trace elements as key ingredients for healthy, vibrant skin.

Having first used his products in a hospital burns unit in Paris he had a deep understanding of the skin’s unparalleled ability to regenerate when given the right nutrients that absorb at a cellular level. M. Laporte created GERnétic skin care products to naturally improve the health and appearance of the skin.


Anti - Cellulite Treatment

£6575 mins

The GERnétic anti-cellulite treatment is not just about removing cellulite, it improves blood and lymphatic circulation; it drains the layers of old dead cells and it provokes a natural diuretic effect. The results are seen in the restoration of the skin’s suppleness and smoothness.

Slimming Treatment

£6575 mins

A top scientific method with excellent results for slimming the waistline, heavy hips and thighs. This extraordinary slimming treatment helps reduce fat and has a tendency to regulate the appetite, boosting metabolism to induce the natural slimming process of the body. It helps restores the natural contour of the body.

Firming Body Treatment

£6575 mins

The Firming Body Treatment tones and restores the elasticity of the skin. This GERnétic treatment restructures elastin and collagen that are essential for skin elasticity. It is an ideal treatment for loose skin after weight loss or pregnancy, and combats the body skin ageing process.

Stretch Mark Treatment

£4550 mins

GERnétic’s stretch mark treatment is extremely effective for reactivating the dermis and increasing the localised circulation. This process is essential for diminishing the depth of stretch marks and rebuilding the firmness of the skin. It is the perfect treatment for reducing stretch marks after pregnancy or after rapid weight gain.

Bust Treatment - reducing, firming and enlarging

£4550 mins

For women wishing to maintain or restore the beauty of their breast. Using cellular extracts, this treatment transfers nutritional molecules to optimize firmness and elasticity of the bust tissue.

Luxury Body and Bust Firming Treatment

£9090 mins

This luxury treatment tones and firms the body. It is ideal treatment for loose skin after weight loss or pregnancy. It has a healing and nourishing effect, creating a sense of well-being.

A course of 6-10 treatments is recommended.


Detox and Slimming Wrap

£7590 mins

This treatment reduces cellulite and enhances slimming, through the use of intricately designed products made from seaweed extracts. The detox and slimming treatment helps to drain toxins and improve microcirculation. Take your first steps towards an anti-cellulite or slimming program.