GERnétic products can be purchased direct from the salon
following a consultation with one of our Gernetic therapists.

Maintaining a beautiful body and regaining the curves and firmness of a toned body requires a healthy life style.

GERnétic International products deliver essential nutrition through the skin to combat excess fat deposits, cellulite,
broken veins, scars and sun damaged skin.  Over time it can regenerate repair and regulate itself.

Massage Oils

Essential Oils Gernétic Body Massage Oi..

Adipo Gasta

Slimming Reshaping Adipo/Gasta slimming cream ..


Anti Stretch Marks Anti-Stries cream is recomm..

Body Milk

Body Comfort milk Gernétic Body Milk is..

Exfoliating Gel

Exfoliating Shower Gel Gernétic Shower ..


Vascularising lotion Lympho is a preparing lot..

Perfect Body

Toning Cream Perfect Body Contouring Cream is ..


Firming Cream Somito firming cream is recommen..

Vasco Artera

Decongestant, Cellulite Vasco/Artera Leg Conto..

Veinulo Special Plus

Biological Serum Veinulo Special Plus is a hig..