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Adipo Gasta

Adipo Gasta

Slimming Reshaping

Adipo/Gasta slimming cream is recommended to help you when you wish to lose local or general fatty excesses that are linked to poor digestion, poor elimination, nutritional over-indulgence and slow metabolism.

Active Ingredients:
• Biological compounds rich in proteins
• Vitamins A B1 & B6 and inositol (Vitamin I)
• Trace elements and amino acids including glutamine and carnitine
• Seaweed extracts rich in organic iodine
• Plant extracts including birch, ivy, arnica and hawthorn

Home Use: AM & or/ PM
Daily after the application of Lympho. Gently massage 1 teaspoon on fatty deposits, including the stomach area and also on the soles of the feet.


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