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Perfect Body

Perfect Body

Toning Cream

Perfect Body Contouring Cream is recommended to assist with achieving and maintaining a dream body, free of superfluous cellulite and fatty deposits. Perfect Body promotes the firmness of the tissues as well and is an ideal cream to maintain the results obtained with the other Gernétic body products.

Active Ingredients:
A biological compound extracted from seaweeds and plants extracts including dandelion, artichoke, Virginia vine, fenugreek, hawthorn, rosemary, hazelnut, hamamelis, buckthorn, valerian and ash tree. Amino acid (L-carnitine). Vitamins E and PP

Home Use: AM +/ PM
Daily, gently massage 1 teaspoon from the soles of feet to the waist using light upward strokes. Perfect Body can also be used on the arms.


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