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Product Detail

Endo Special

Endo Special

Biological serum

Endo Special Plus serum is recommended for bust care to enhance firmness and harmony and is suitable for small, large, or distended busts. Endo Special Plus brings essential nutrients that restore elasticity and tonicity.

Active Ingredients:
• 100% natural and organic
• Plant extracts including horsetail for its natural silica content
• Biological compounds rich in biopeptides
• Amino acids
• Vitamins and trace elements

Home Use: two to three times a week
Two to three times a week, after the application of Seino lotion, apply 10 to 15 sprays over all the bust area including the nipples. Gently massage it in. Follow with the application of Macro 2000. A course of one or two bottles isrecommended a few times a year.