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Product Detail



Regerative cream

Nucléa is a light-texture repairing cream with exceptional regenerating properties. It dramatically reduces the depth of wrinkles and scars. Nucléa contains nutritional elements that are essential for cell division, cell growth and for the restoration of damaged or prematurely aged skins. It regularizes pigmentation or de-pigmentation problems arising from a chaotic melanin production. It is also ideal for sun-damaged skins. Nucléa has a healing and anti-inflammatory action.

Active Ingredients:
Three biological filtrates rich in trace elements, proteins and peptides
A skin repair factor containing 12 amino acids and a vitamin B complex

Home Use: PM
Use Nucléa in the evening over Synchro, in a very small quantity on the areas that need more regeneration such as wrinkles and scars. Nucléa can be used 2 or 3 times a year in courses of 1 jar.