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Product Detail

Synchro 2000

Synchro 2000

Light nutritive cream

If you prefer to wear a lighter-texture cream in the morning then you may wish to use Synchro 2000. Synchro 2000 is rejuvenating and healing. It regulates the skin functions and its defence mechanisms. Synchro 2000 is anti-pollution and it helps to fight free radicals.

Active Ingredients:
• Biological compounds rich in amino acids, trace elements and vitamins
• Extracts from calendula and St John's wort

Home Use: AM
In the morning, Synchro 2000 can be used by itself or after your specific cream. Apply a very small amount to the whole face and eye and neck areas. You can then apply any Gernétic protective cream. Note: Synchro 2000 and Synchro "classicé have very similar compositions but are somewhat different. It is recommended that if you use the former in the morning you use the later at night.