Marine Line

GERnétic products can be purchased direct from the salon
following a consultation with one of our Gernetic therapists.

The GERnétic Marine range is an intensive treatment utilizing the essential nutrients
found in algae to combat demineralised and devitalized skin. It boosts the
skins defence against aggressive environmental pollutants.

Ger-Lift Face

Anti-ageing cream Marine Ger-Lift can be used ..

Marine Mask

Brightening mask Marine Mask is a cream mask t..

Marine Body Comfort Ge

Cellulite, Oedema Detox and shape with Marine ..

Marine Day Base

Day cream Marine Day Cream is a SPF 5 protecti..

Marine Gumming Cleanse

Exfoliating scrub Marine Cleansing Gel is used..

Spa Bath Salts

Bath Salts are designed to promote relaxation ..

Spa Massage Cream

Gerné tic Massage cream is more than ju..

Spa Salt Peeling

Exfoliating scrub Salt Peeling with essential ..