Gernétic Facials

Gernétic International is a revolutionary skin care brand suitable for all ages and all skin types. Its simple philosophy is based on advanced cellular biology and biotechnology. The products are delivered deep into the skin cells, aiding repair and renewal from within.

Gernétic offers an extensive range of skincare treatments that offer superior results: targeting wrinkles, acne, sensitivity and pigmentation. Treatments include anti-ageing, firming and lifting, hydration and regeneration of the skin. Gernétic products were originally developed to treat burns and scarring. The range includes sun protection products.

Les Parfait Signature Facial

The ultimate luxury pampering treatment, unique to only the most prestigious salons. A deeply intense facial to rejuvenate, tighten and give life back to the skin, effectively targeting skin tone and fine lines to reduce signs of ageing at a cellular level using age-defying peptides, proteins and enzymes. It combines lymphatic draining in order to disperse toxins and a deep tissue massage to sculpture muscles of the face.

Hydrating Facial

A luxurious facial designed to help replenish the skin’s moisture and diminish signs of premature ageing. This hydrating treatment incorporates a thermal mask that helps enhance skin suppleness, softness and radiance.

Anti-Ageing Facial

A wonderfully effective re-firming facial for mature and aging skin using a high percentage of active ingredients to nourish, repair the signs of aging and restore immediate radiance to the skin.

Purifying Facial

An effective detoxifying and balancing facial that deep cleanses the skin. The concentrated blend of plant extracts and amino acids are absorbed into the skin to assist in regulating sebum production, eliminate impurities, refining the pores leaving skin wonderfully plump, moisturised and re-balanced.

Anti-Acne Facial

The ideal facial for oily or acne-prone skin using ingredients derived from plant extracts and seaweed. This complete re-balancing facial helps eliminate impurities and strengthens your skin’s immunity to support the fight against acne. It is ideal for old and new acne, scarring, blackheads and open pores.

Whitening Facial 75 minutes

A successfully proven facial specially designed to help your skin regain a lighter, more even and luminous complexion. Well-balanced natural ingredients will help inhibit and regulate excessive melanin production that can contribute towards dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.

Marine Lifting Facial 75 minutes

The Marine Lifting Facial treatment uses essential nutrients obtained from the sea, such as Chlorella and Spirulina seaweeds. In helping increase the production of collagen and elastin, the skin’s natural elasticity is maintained leaving your skin refreshed, with a smoother, luminous complexion.

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Les Parfait Signature Facial 80 mins £75
Hydrating Facial 75 mins £65
Anti-Ageing Facial 75 mins £65
Purifying Facial 60 mins £60
Anti-Acne Facial 50 mins £60
Whitening Facial 75 mins £60
Marine Lifting Facial 75 mins £65