A highly specialised brand, Sothys has always stood out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation. Sothys represents excellence and prestige in beauty salons and spas around the world.

Detox Energie™

Treat your skin to a burst of energy and help it to defend itself in any situation against the harmful effects of environmental stress, which can accelerate skin ageing. The active ingredients, Elderberry and Siberian Ginseng, give an anti-pollution protection, detox and energy action.

Youth Treatment™

An intensive anti-ageing treatment combining the latest anti-ageing technology and exclusive massage techniques that is adapted according to each stage of the ageing process. A professional diagnosis is provided enabling the therapist to offer an efficient complete and customised anti-ageing solution, which is clinically proven.

Hydra 3Ha™

This innovative hydrating treatment targets all dehydrated and dry skin types preventing the signs of ageing. Combining the effect of the patented boletus 1055 extract and hyaluronic acid, the triple action restores reactivates and rejuvenates all the key elements of skin hydration.

Soothing Professional Treatment with Spa™ Thermal Water

A complete treatment Combining plant extracts and the exclusive use of SPA™ Thermal water, to soothe, calm, maintain and protect all naturally sensitive skin types. The purity and mineral content of this water provides a soothing ‘healing’ action to reduce all signs of redness, inflammation associated with sensitive skin. This treatment includes a unique chilled porcelain massage which helps reduce signs of sensitivity.

Resurfacing Peeling Treatment

A peeling treatment for those with oily skin, scarring, blemish marks, pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, tired complexions, fine lines and wrinkles. Using a micro-exfoliation and glycolic acid peel, this treatment will help tighten pores, even out complexion and leave you with a smooth and glowing complexion

Glysalac Cosmeceutical Peel

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Effective dual action exfoliation using an active combination of glycolic and salicylic acid which brings instant radiance. It is highly effective in smoothing the skin’s surface.

Brightening programme

A Cosmeceutical programme for instant radiance and the treatment of pigmentation, blemishes, sun damage and uneven complexion problems. This treatment provides complete skin renewal, luminosity and radiance whilst combating the effects of damage caused by the sun, pollution and the ageing process that can leave pigmented spots on the skin. A combination of resurfacing and brightening treatments will give immediate results after the first treatment leaving the skin radiant and smooth.

Perfect Shape

An amazing treatment specially designed for the jawline, neck and décolleté. Smooths and rejuvenates the décolleté and redefines the contours of the neck.

Eye Contour Treatment

A targeted treatment to renew sparkling, youthful eyes. Specifically designed for the delicate eye area. Helps to immediately reduce signs of tiredness and ageing.

Seasonal Facials

Sothys introduces seasonal facials inspired by nature twice a year. Combining a cocktail of sensorial and fragrant ingredients, to create a smoother more radiant complexion.





Detox Energie ™ 80 mins £70
Youth Treatment ™ 75 mins £65
Hydra 3Ha ™ 70 mins £60
Soothing Professional Treatment 50 mins £50
Resurfacing Peeling Treatment 70 mins £60
Glysalac Cosmeceutical Peel 45 mins £40
Brightening Programme 45 mins £50
Perfect Shape 45 mins £45
Eye Contour Treatment 45 mins £45
Seasonal Facials 50 mins £45