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Jan Marini Facials

The Skin Care Management System

Common concerns including the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and skin discolouration can be greatly improved and even resolved by the use of Jan Marini’s specialised formulations and treatments. With the Jan Marini Skin Care Management System, a professionally supervised skin care programme combining 5 key products, skin of all types can be stimulated to appear clearer, younger, smoother and healthier.

Jan Marini Skin Research products enable you to experience visible results in just days. Over time, cumulative benefits of the Skin Care Management System are amazing.

It’s simple. And it’s unbelievably effective!

The following peels require the use of Glycolic homecare products 2 weeks prior to commencement of a course.


Glycolic Resurfacing Peel

45 mins   £70

The Glycolic and Enzyme Resurfacing treatment is an accelerated facial treatment that incorporates two effective topical exfoliants. The combination of glycolic acid and proteolytic enzymes safely intensifies the resurfacing action and provides measurable results for virtually any skin type.

Glycolic Resurfacing Enzyme Peel


45 mins   £70

The glycolic and Enzyme resurfacing is an accelerated facial that incorporates two topical exfoliants provides measureable results for virtually any skin concern.

Glycolic Resurfacing Retinol Peel

45 mins   £70

This is an aggressive resurfacing treatment designed to treat the most difficult skin concerns including ageing, acne, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Glycolic Resurfacing Luminate Peel

45 mins   £70

The glycolic and luminate resurfacing treatment is an accelerated facial with lightening agents designed to combat hyperpigmentation, spots, dry and dull looking skin.



Retinol Plus Facial


This utilizes the highest concentration of retinol and resurfaces refines and gives smoothness and hydration to the skin improving fine lines sun damage and facial discolouration.

Luminate Facial


This corrective facial visibly improves the appearance of skin tone texture and Luminosity reducing the appearance of spots and discolouration while removing dull, dry skin giving you a radiant glow.

Proteolytic Enzyme Facial


The proteolytic enzyme back treatment is an exfoliating method for effectively reducing acne and various back conditions.

C'esta Facial


An intensive form of Vitamin C to encourage collagen production, it improves facial tone and give a brighter more contoured appearance.

Express Holiday Facial


The holiday facial is designed to nourish the skin and leave it with a healthy rejuvenated glow.

Rejuventaing Eye Treatment


Refreshes smooths hydraten and de-puff eye area firming the eye area immediately.

Hand Refining Treatment


The hand treatment gently resurfaces the skin reducing lines wrinkles and any discolouration.

Proteolytic Enzyme Back


The proteolytic enzyme back treatment is an exfoliating method for effectively reducing acne and various back conditions.