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A scientific approach to beauty

Here at the Body & Beauty Studio we are proud to be able to offer Gernétic body treatments. Gernétic originated in France by Bio Chemist Albert Laporte. Using biotechnology, he was able to extract ingredients at a cellular level that have a powerful effect on the skin. Each product has been clinically tested and consistently provides excellent results.

Gernétic offers innovative skincare beauty products for all skin types for the face, hands, bust and body. Gernétic harnesses the power of nature and science to create ground-breaking formulations that genuinely transform your skin. A scientifically natural approach is at the heart of every Gernétic product, which Nina and her team of therapists have been treating clients with for more than 30 years.

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Gernétic treatments pricing

G5 Massage
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Pressotherapy treatment to stimulate lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins from the body
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Book your Gernétic body treatments today

Booking with the Body and Beauty Studio in Woking is as easy as picking up your phone and calling our friendly team on:

01483 773113

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