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Skin Care

Laser and IPL treatments for hair removal in Woking

At the Body & Beauty Studio you can have unwanted body hair removed quickly with Laser or Intense Pulse Light treatment.

Laser and IPL removal

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary approach to long-term epilation of unwanted hair.  Laser epilation is now used extensively as a clinical alternative to electrolysis. It is a non-invasive procedure which safely and permanently removes facial and body hair by effectively eliminating the hair from the follicle. It does this without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin while at the same time enhancing it.


How it works


It uses laser light pulses to selectively destroy actively growing hair follicles by targeting the melanin. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the laser’s light pulse, which travels down to destroy the root of the hair, as well as its surrounding structures.


  • Polaris Laser Hair Removal technology for maximum results

  • Mattioli IPL for treating hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments

  • Effectively and safely treating all skin types, men and women

  • Expertly trained laser technician with over 20 years experience



After an initial consultation and patch test your laser technician will thoroughly cleanse the chosen area. It will be shaved, if necessary, you will then be given protective eyewear for your treatment.




The skin is marked with a white pencil to grid the area treated and then the laser is activated sending precise pulses to the skin and targeting the hair follicles our breeze cooling system allows for a comfortable treatment.




The skin will be slightly red after treatment a special barrier cream will sooth the area and the skin will recover in a few hours. No creams or lotions to be applied for 24 hours. The results can be seen after the third session. A course of 8-10 treatments is recommended to get the best hair reduction results.

  • Décaar Organic Algae Cell Renewal Peel
    The Décaar Algae Peel uses a combination of algae and herbs harvested from around the world. It contains the active ingredient Perfluorodecalin and is suitable for all skin types, helping with a wide range of common skin problems.
  • Décaar Breath of Life Facial
    The Breathe of Life facial provides the deeper layers of the skin with molecular oxygen. This treatment uses the key ingredient of Perfluorodecalin with the added benefits of CryoGlobes. It is suitable for a wide range of common skin problems.



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Brazilian wax
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Don’t put up with unwanted body hair

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