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Semi-permanent makeup at the Body & Beauty Studio

Get the eyebrows you have always wanted by booking into our Woking clinic for semi-permanent makeup.


Your eyebrows are the most defining feature of your face. They emphasise your eyes, accentuate your expressions and give symmetry and balance to your face.


Illusion Brows is the latest in semipermanent make up brow treatments. Using superfine needles, hair strokes are precisely created to mimic real hairs. Expertly applied hair strokes balance asymmetrical brows or fill in gaps leaving you with beautiful looking brows which frame and give a youthful lift to your face. The super fine machine needle causes less skin trauma than microblading resulting in faster healing.


Perfect for people with:


  • sparse, non-existent, or droopy eyebrows

  • asymmetrical features

  • fair eyebrows requiring more definition


Permanent make-up can define eyes and improve their shape or size. Lash enhancement involves the subtle placement of colour between the lashes, thus giving the appearance of thicker looking lashes and better definition of the eyes.


Eyeliner can then be added for a more 'made-up' or dramatic look, using colours or subtle shades. As the eyes are the first thing people notice, eyeliner and eyelash enhancements will give you a perfect look.

  • Décaar Organic Algae Cell Renewal Peel
    The Décaar Algae Peel uses a combination of algae and herbs harvested from around the world. It contains the active ingredient Perfluorodecalin and is suitable for all skin types, helping with a wide range of common skin problems.
  • Décaar Breath of Life Facial
    The Breathe of Life facial provides the deeper layers of the skin with molecular oxygen. This treatment uses the key ingredient of Perfluorodecalin with the added benefits of CryoGlobes. It is suitable for a wide range of common skin problems.
Semi permanent makeup

Book yourself in today

Call the Body and Beauty Studio in Woking today on 01483 773113 to book yourself in for semi-permanent makeup treatment.

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